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New York International Spirits Competition (2021)

  • Mexico Sotol of the Year
  • Mezcal Joven - Silver Winner

Tequila of the Year (2021)

IZO 100% Agave Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino Tequila has been awarded as Tequila of the Year at the fourth London Spirits Competition on March 17 2021.

Ranked according to three criteria - taste, presentation and value - the latest creation from the distinctive IZO Spirits collection has already become an instant classic. Developed under the watchful eye of Master Mezcalero Jose Gonzalez in the tradition of founder Gaston Martinez, the smooth and compelling spirit is part of their bid to bring traditionally crafted, premium agave spirits to the world.


Proof Awards - SILVER (2019)

The distinguished PR%F Awards program is powered by Food and Beverage Magazine and Delta Airlines Sky Club. This double-blind spirits, wine, and mixers competition provides a showcase to more than 40 judges – top US buyers, distributors, and large retailers in the spirits/ wine industry. The 2019 judging panel hailed from internationally-recognized hospitality arenas, including buyers for Food and Beverage Magazine, Delta Sky Club, Green Valley Ranch, Opulent Wine & Spirits, The NEAT Glass, Preferred Public Relations, FB Podcast Network, and Constellation Catering.


San Diego Int’l Wine+Spirits Challenge - GOLD (2019)

The Critics’ Challenge provides an unprecedented level of transparency - results are published alongside comments and scores from the individual judges evaluating each wine and spirit. In addition, all award-winning entries are presented with a comment from at least one journalist on the judging panel. All Gold and Platinum entries are also assigned a numerical rating, with Platinum selections receiving an independent review online at WineReviewOnline.com.


NYC Int’l Spirits Competition - BRONZE (2019)

The New York International Spirits Competition was the first to be founded in the International Beverage Competition Series. After its success, the competition was replicated in multiple countries and expanded to include wine and beer. Set apart by its trade-only blind judging panel - professionals whose livelihoods depend on their skill set and who know what the consumer wants - the spirits industry continues to take notice of this growing annual competition.


San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2020

San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2020

Founded in 2000, the SFWSC is one of the oldest competitions of its kind. With nearly two decades of experience, our operation has become a fine-tuned masterpiece that blends passion and professionalism.

Throughout our judging process, we emphasize integrity and impartiality. Our blind tasting process guarantees that every entry is judged fairly and given equal consideration.

With nearly two decades of experience, the SFWSC is one of the world’s most respected spirits competitions due in large part to our esteemed judges. Each with a distinct story and trusted palate, these seasoned experts are one of the reasons an SFWSC medal indicates the highest caliber of quality.

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500 Years of Tradition
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45 Days to Completion
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10 Years to Maturity
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40,000 Pounds of Agave Per Run